Two Huge Lies in Lynch’s Bill Clinton Story

bill clinton loretta lynch lies

We’ve all been watching Loretta Lynch play damage control over the past week. This is a result of her private meeting she held with Bill Clinton in Phoenix.

Lynch made a claim that the meeting with Bill Clinton was strictly social and they just talked about their grandchildren. Evidence has been mounting that this was a huge lie. Big surprise. Two pieces of evidence have shown up that prove this was just a huge lie.

The first lie is that Lynch was meeting with Clinton “as she was leaving.” At least one report from a credible source claims that after her meeting with Clinton wrapped up, she continued to carry out business in Phoenix.

The second piece that was a lie was that Bill Clinton was in town to golf. After a thorough investigation, there is no proof that he did any golfing. A former president playing golf is kind of a big deal. Someone would have noticed it.

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