Liberal Bette Midler Exposes her Stupidity on Twitter

The Liberals love fact checking Trump. Sometimes they need to fact check themselves, though. Take Liberal Bette Midler, for example. She couldn’t wait to dive in and expose President Trump for not having his facts straight. When actually she made herself look like a total idiot.

That’s right, she doesn’t know the difference between someone being shot and a homicide. Or maybe she doesn’t realize that not everyone who gets shot dies. Either way, what a freaking idiot! Check it out.

Liberal Bette Midler

The best part is she still hasn’t taken this tweet down. Maybe she doesn’t believe all of the people telling her that not everyone who gets shots dies.

Either way, thanks Bette. We needed a laugh and you gave it to us. Share this story and help expose the stupidity of Bette Midler.