Texas Grandma Opens Fire on Home Invaders, Killing One

This is not your every day story. Of course it happened in Texas. A Texas grandma opens fire on two armed invaders, killing one.

The two criminals went into the 60 year old woman’s house through the garage door.

Even though both of these men were armed with pistols, they had no chance against grandma.

One witness made the comment that this is Texas. If you try to do something like that here you just might get shot.

Per ABC13:

Neighbors in the Sundown neighborhood in west Harris County are on edge after deputies warned them of a home invasion suspect on the run.

Deputies said while this suspect got away, a second suspect was shot and killed when the duo tried to rob a 60-year-old grandmother inside her home.

As a search helicopter circled overhead, Theresa Roberts and other neighbors were keeping their eyes open.

“I heard it was a burglar, and I live in this neighborhood,” Roberts said.

Some were visibly upset after learning a 60-year-old grandmother shot and killed a man inside her home.

Harris County deputies told Eyewitness News two young men entered through an open garage, and walked right into the house.

“Both were armed with pistols. She confronted both suspects, retrieved a handgun and fired several times at both subjects,” Deputy Thomas Gilliland said.

Texas Grandma Opens Fire on Home Invaders

The Texas Department of Public Safety brought out the helicopter for this incident.

Per last report, the second suspect was still on the loose.

It’s been said before: Don’t mess with Texas.