Far Leftists Clash With Police in Seattle – VIDEO

Well, they are back at it again. Far leftists clash with the police in Seattle. Many of these “protesters” were wearing all black clothing and masks.

Here is a tweet that shows the violent clash that went down between the protesters and the police in downtown Seattle.

#BREAKING: Violent clash between police and protesters in downtown Seattle:

Normally, the two groups of protesters can be easily put into one of two groups: those who support President Trump and those who oppose President Trump

RT was able to capture some video of the clash between the police and leftists. Check i tout.

The far left mayor of Seattle claimed “racism” as a meaningful social force during the protests. It seems he is offering support for these far left demonstrators.

The local NBC network described these protesters as “anti-fascist” and as “opposing and against hate.” During these protests there were many socialist and communist signs on display. The local NBC affiliate conveniently passed on displaying these signs.

The local NBC affiliate even took it as far as describing these insane protests as “anti-hate.”

Far Leftists Clash With Police in Seattle

The mainstream media will go any length to support those who are attacking President Trump. Anti-hate? Antifa throws soda cans filled with concrete at people. There is nothing anti-hate about this.