Terrorists Laughs at Spanish Police, Gets Gunned Down Immediately – VIDEO

The terrorist attack in Barcelona resulted in 13 deaths and over 100 injuries. There was a second attack early Friday morning. The same group of terrorists carried out this attack. There is now video footage of what happened when these terrorists were confronted by police.

Per NY Post:

This is the dramatic moment a terror suspect in Cambrils gets shot – and then stands back up – before he is put down for good by Spanish cops.

The man taunted and smiled at police before he was repeatedly shot in the street during what one witness described as being like a scene from a movie.

“It was like watching a horror film, particularly when he jumped back up after being shot and started laughing at the police,” [a witness] told the Express and Star.

The crazed man appeared to have something “silvery” over his body, like a suicide vest, and was holding something in his hand that made people start fleeing the area.

It was later confirmed that these cowards were wearing fake suicide vests. More per BBC:

“[Police] were backing off and he was smiling at them as he charged towards them. He was behaving strangely, like he was on drugs,” [another witness] recalled. “Ranting and raving as he went up and down the street. Then they fired again and he fell down. This time he stayed down.”

If there was any doubt in your mind, this incident erased it. These people are the enemies. Terrorism in Europe is becoming more and more common as time goes on. The United States needs to continue to keep border security tight because things are ugly in Europe and President Trump needs to make sure this does not happen in this country.