WATCH: How the ‘Religion of Peace’ Treats Dogs – WARNING: GRAPHIC

When liberals defend the ‘Religion of Peace’ they aren’t thinking about situations like this. The disturbing slaughter of dogs in Shiraz, Iran is disgusting.

According to a report by the Oslo Times, contractors are hired by the Iraqi government to eliminate stray dogs and puppies with lethal injections. The problem is these injections are in no way humane.

Watch the video if you dare. Warning, very graphic.

This disgusting footage shows the dogs suffering and in agony as they slowly and miserably die. This has been going on since April 12, according to witnesses.

More, per Mad World News:

Animal rights activist Albert Ebrahimzadeh explained that the acid used on the dogs isn’t at all geared to quickly or painlessly kill the animals. In fact, it is used only because of its price: just $4 per shot.

Ebrahimzadeh revealed that the drug is an incredibly powerful toxin that decays the organs of its host before the animal dies. In other words, the dogs literally feel their insides being eaten away before they pass on.

The dogs are held down with catch poles while the executioner sneaks up behind them to administer the fatal shot.

“Its heart wrenching screams fall on deaf ears,” Ebrahimzadeh describes the scene. “The dog whimpers in pain for what seems like an eternity. A small puppy walks to the dying dog looking for comfort. His freedom does not last long as he is grabbed and injected as well.”

These people are absolutely disgusting. My heart aches for these poor dogs.