Naval Special Warfare Command Group is Punished for Displaying Trump Flag

Finally, we have a president the military can get behind. Or do we? Naval Special Warfare Command Group 2 of Virginia is punished for flying a Trump flag. Here is the report from when the group flew the Trump flag from the back of their trucks.

Per ZeroHedge:

About a month ago the Naval Special Warfare Group 2 of Virginia Beach set the Twittersphere ablaze after video surfaced of their military convoy flying a Trump flag on their lead vehicle.

Photos and videos of the ‘event’ quickly spread around the internet and prompted a full Navy investigation into the incident. Here’s a photo of the convoy:
Naval Special Warfare Command Group, Trump Flag

The act triggered a Hillary Clinton supporter.

This week there was an announcement made that the Navy punished them for flying the flag.

Per The Washington Post:

Lt. Jacqui Maxwell, a spokeswoman for Naval Special Warfare Group 2, said in a statement to The Washington Post that punitive actions were taken but declined to comment on the precise nature of the punishment or how many individuals were affected.

“The inquiry was completed between the unit’s commanders and service members,” Maxwell’s statement said. “It has been determined that those service members have violated the spirit and intent of applicable DoD regulations concerning the flying of flags and the apparent endorsement of political activities. Administrative corrective measures were taken with each individual based on their respective responsibility.”

“Department of Defense and Navy regulations prescribe flags and pennants that may be displayed as well as the manner of display,” Maxwell said last month.

Naval Special Warfare Command Group is Punished for Displaying Trump Flag

Doesn’t seem fair that the Navy is unable to show support for their candidate. They should have the freedom to support their political candidates, cheer for whatever sports team they want, etc. These are the braves people in this nation and regular freedoms you and I get should certainly be available to them.

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