Michelle Obama’s Terrible School Lunch Program Creates a Black Market for Table Salt! – VIDEO

It is very established that Michelle Obama’s school lunch plan has angered students everywhere. Now, Michelle Obama’s terrible school lunch program creates a black market for table salt.

That’s right, kids are doing what they can to acquire table salt, similar to the way they obtain illegal drugs. On the black market. Her school lunch program really is that bad.

The President of the Blackford County of Indiana School Board John Payne speaks on the issue. This food must be incredibly bad with the way he talks about the issue. Check out the video.

Black Market for Tablet Salt

Michelle Obama’s Terrible School Lunch Program

So if you are a parent and allow your student to eat school lunch (not advised) make sure to pack them some tablet salt and pepper. Actually, if you have to pack salt and pepper what is the point? Just pack their entire lunch and spare them the misery of having to deal with Michelle Obama’s terrible school lunches.

Hopefully Congress can work on getting her program completely wiped out. Must like they are working to get rid of everything her husband did.