New Yorkers Reject Hillary

Hillary Clinton was considering running for Governor of New York. According to the latest poll that’s not a good idea because New Yorkers reject Hillary.

A Rasmussen poll was released on Tuesday. It said that 58% of likely voters in the city of New York DO NOT want Hillary to run for Governor of New York. 23% do want her to run and 19% are still undecided.

Hillary Can’t Believe It

New Yorkers Reject Hillary, Hillary can't believe it

Bill de Blasio is set to run for re-election. Republican challenger Paul Massey Jr. leads de Blasio in fundraising. Massey has raised $1.6 million compared to de Blasio’s $1 million.

Hillary Clinton previously expressed interest in running for governor, but only if Bill de Blasio decides he is not running for some reason. Hopefully de Blasio does not end up dead in a ditch somewhere like many others who got in the way of Hillary.