Black Trump Supporter Punched Unexpectedly While Holding Milo’s Book – VIDEO

Sunday night a rally happened in Laguna Beach, California. It was called America First: Vigil for Victims of illegal immigration. During the rally, Big League Politics obtained exclusive footage of a black Trump supporter getting sucker punched.

Black Trump Supporter Punched

Per Big League Politics:

“I engaged a few people in dialogue but in scholarly dialogue as I try to do with the crew at these kinds of rallies,” R.C. Maxwell, the black man who was punched, told Big League Politics.

“The first time I was attacked it was a timed attack, someone tugged at my MAGA hat, then someone else hit me from behind and then tried to drag me into the street,” said Maxwell, who runs the American Voice PAC. He was carrying a copy of Milo Yiannopoulos’ book Dangerous as a means of protest.

“I’m no brute, never looking for fights at these things just the opportunity for dialogue, inform the other side of what our belief system is etc…,” Maxwell said.

“But obviously there is an uptick in violence at these things, and a republican, especially a black one, is a dangerous game in 2017,” Maxwell said.

So this guy absolutely hated someone based on their choice of reading so he decided to pull a total b*tch move and sucker punch him. What a joke! This is absolutely disgusting.