DNC Busted Sending Fundraising Letters Resembling Collection Notices

Needless to say, the Democratic Party has seen better times. Now the DNC BUSTED sending fundraising letters that resemble collection notices.

It’s all part of Tom Perez’s master plan. In his mind, sending an out of touch letter that looks like a collection notice to ask for donations was a good idea. Another terrible mistake by the left.

DNC Busted Sending Fundraising Letters Resembling Collection Notices

Andrew Saturn, a designer based out of Seattle, tweeted out photos of the desperate (and illegal) cry for help.

Twitter was quick to rip the Democratic Party for this incredibly stupid move.

According to reports, the RNC is having a whole lot of more success with fundraising when compared to the DNC. According to The Hill, the DNC was only able to raise $3.8 million in the last month, which was the lowest amount in the month of July since 2007. By comparison, the RNC raised $10.2 million. So. Much. Winning.

Per CBS:

The Republican National Committee (RNC) won the money race against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for the month of July by over $6 million, proving to be yet another stumble for the Democratic party as it tries to regain its footing after the 2016 election.

According to The Hill, the DNC raised $3.8 million for the past month, compared to the RNC’s staggering $10.2 million — a record low for the month of July for the Democrats, which they haven’t hit since 2007, when the party raised $3.4 million.

The lag in Democratic fundraising comes as a new blow to DNC chief Tom Perez’s first six months as leader of the committee.

In an interview with NBC News, Perez said the organization has “had a lot of rebuilding to do” in recent months. “We’ve already made a lot of down payments on the new DNC.”

DNC National Press Secretary Michael Tyler told CBS News in a statement, “While we’re still focused on building up our team and hiring fundraising staff, we’re witnessing robust grassroots enthusiasm with a majority of our contributions coming from small-dollar contributions.”

This is very low, even by the standards of the Democratic Party. Who in the heck thought this was a good idea? The party continue to sink lower and lower.