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Black Trump Supporter Spit On For Wearing MAGA Hat – VIDEO

It has happened yet again. Another black Trump supporter has been victimized by the left. When will the madness stop?

In the video there are two black men discussing politics. The one who is anti-Trump begins trying to shame the one who is wearing the MAGA hat for supporting Trump. This wasn’t getting to the Trump supporter at all as he appears to be proud of what he stands for. What happens next? The anti-Trumper spits on the man in the MAGA hat. After that the #NeverTrumper speeds off in his car like a coward. How freaking disgusting!

Black Trump Supporter Spit On

This continues to happen. Just Sunday a black Trump supporter was punched during the rally in Laguna Beach.

Per LA Times:

A 20-year-old Ohio man was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of battery after he allegedly “sucker-punched” a Trump supporter at an anti-illegal immigration rally in Laguna Beach on Sunday, police said.

Richard Losey was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery with a hate-crime enhancement, according to the Laguna Beach Police Department. He was being held in lieu of $50,000 bail.

Police said R.C. Maxwell was “peacefully” speaking with a group of people at Main Beach Park when the counter-protester punched him.

Maxwell, a black Trump supporter, told The Times he went to speak with counter-protesters “trying to find commonalities” and was explaining his views when he was attacked. He said he was also pepper-sprayed and choked.

What makes these people think it is OK to punch a black Trump supporter? It’s almost like they feel betrayed when they see a black man who supports Donald Trump. Why aren’t they able to consider things and decide their stance like everyone else? This needs to stop immediately.