Week 2 NFL TV Ratings Are In And They SUCK – Will Week 3 Be Any Better? – VOTE

It’s pretty clear at this point that NFL fans don’t want politics jammed down their throat with football. The week 2 NFL TV ratings are in and they suck.

Per Sports Media Watch:

For the second straight week, the NFL on CBS sank double-digits from last year.

The Week 2 NFL singleheader window delivered an 8.4 rating and 14.5 million viewers on CBS Sunday, down 24% in ratings and viewership from last year on FOX (11.0, 19.2M) and down 14% and 13% respectively from 2015 on CBS (9.8, 16.7M).

The 8.4 rating is the lowest for the Week 2 singleheader since at least 1998. The first two NFL windows on CBS this season have both declined double-digits to multi-year lows.

It’s pretty obvious what the problem is. People don’t want to see anyone taking a knee during the anthem. Raising a fist for “black power” should be done somewhere else besides your place of employment. Our military has fought hard for your freedom so we don’t want to see you disrespecting our flag.

This proves there is at least one thing that Americans love more than football: America. The NFL is learning a hard lesson by seeing their ratings plummet.

People didn’t just stop loving football overnight. The viewers are just sick and tired of it being politicized. Even worse, hearing it from the people that aren’t even on active rosters anymore. You know, like that Kaepernick fellow.

Can I just turn on the game Sunday and not hear about how much my country sucks?

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