Chicago Cops Take a Knee to Protest Themselves

Leave it to Chicago. These Chicago cops take a knee with black power fist raised in an apparent move to protest themselves.

Here is a photo of the two black police officers taking a knee.

Chicago Cops Take a Knee to Protest Themselves

The photo was posted on Instagram by Barbie Englewood Barbie. She accompanied it with this caption:

Don’t be Afraid to be Controversial.. I will stand behind them!
Go Bother the killers of Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, Tamar Rice, Trayvon Martin,Philando Castile and the list goes on and on.. these men did a Noble thing! They let me know that even in uniform they’re against Police Brutality & Racism! They took a Kneel for Us when nobody else would that looked like them!

Prostesting yourself. Now we’ve seen it all.