Cam Newton Scores Touchdown, Raises Fist For Black Power Celebration – VIDEO

On Sunday the Carolina Panthers went on the road and scored a big-time upset of the New England Patriots. In the fourth quarter of the game Cam Newton scored a touchdown and stood in the end zone with a raised fist for a black power celebration.

Per Sporting News:

“It was to signify Black Power, but more importantly, I pray every night for God to give me a pinnacle to give people hope,” Newton said. “I did it to raise — to show Black Pride because I am an African American, but more or less, I want all people just to see when I play, I want them to see the joy that I go out there and play with.

“Win lose or draw, it was a great win for us today. I just hope that I put a lot, or not I, we as a team put a lot of smiles on the beautiful people of the Carolinas.”

“We cannot forget the fact that sports as a whole brings people together,” Newton said Sunday. “For the two hours, three hours, whenever a time that a sporting event is on or your team is playing, we know that a lot of people from different shapes, colors, creeds, ethnicities and cultures come together. At that moment, they’re rooting for the same thing.

“We try to unify people with that, and that’s all it is. Unity is something that’s going to cure a bad mentality in this country, and I feel as if we all stick together, if we all come together and listen, hear, speak, we can better help the situation. Because, a lot of situations that are going on right now in our country are trying to cause division. We get nowhere divided.

Cam Newton certainly hoped to do this celebration much earlier but the Panthers have been struggling to reach the end zone. Either way he did it in a big spot and was able to get his Panthers past the defending Super Bowl champs.