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Rand Paul Had Trump’s Back – Only Lawmaker Who Refused to Stand and Applaud Jeff Flake For Trashing Trump

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake gave a red hot speech after news broke he would not seek re-election in 2018. It’s no secret as to why he is not seeking re-election. He is trailing big-time in all of the recent polls. Per Andrew Desiderio every Republican and Democratic lawmaker who was in attendance clapped for Flake. Well, almost every lawmaker. Rand Paul was the only lawmaker who had Trump’s back.

Rand Paul knows tax reform is on the horizon and just did not see the virtue in bashing Trump.

Andrew Desiderio tweeted, “All stood and clapped after Flake’s speech—except @RandPaul.”

Here is a list of the Senators in attendance.

On his way out the door Jeff Flake trashed President Trump and the entire Republican Party.

This certainly seems like a case of good riddance.

Here is a video of Jeff Flake’s remarks.